Grauer Art Contest! "Doodle While You Work"

Art Contest Starts NOW!
  • Category for this quarter’s contest:
  1. "Doodle While You Work" Any art created on school handouts, notes, or assignments.

Sample from Nicole Schriber

  • Contest is open to all Grauer School students, alumni, AND faculty.
  • Art must be submitted by Wednesday March 21st.
  • Voting week is in early April
  • Winners will be showcased on the Grauer Art Blog, @GrauerArt (Instagram) and in the newsletter. The top overall vote getter receives a prize of their choice.

Information for submitting art:
  • Submission: You will be asked to upload an image and include the specific contest category the piece will be entered in, and a title.
  • Voting: During Voting Week, the images will be uploaded to a google form and emailed to every student to go through and vote. At the end of the voting week, the top 3 vote getters will be recognized per category, with the overall vote getter receiving a prize of their choice.

  1. Art must be current (created within a year).
  2. Art must be in good taste, and will be accepted at the sole discretion of the art department.
  3. Images / scans must be submitted in the highest resolution possible.
  4. You can submit a max of two art pieces per category.
  5. Art must be submitted by date given; no art photos will be accepted.


  1. Photos may be used in the yearbook.

2017-2018 Fast Food Burger Challenge, H.S. Photography and Studio Art

The 6th period High School Photography and Studio Art class completed the "Fast Food Burger Challenge" during their 1st Semester Final Exam period. There were three teams of three students each.  Each team had two Big Macs that they disassembled and reassembled using the best ingredients from both burgers to recreate their "perfect" burger! The groups decided what lighting they wanted to use and composition for their final photos.  They all had DSLR or mirrorless cameras that they used.  All groups had access to Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop programs to do their final edits.  The original challenge was to create a burger that looked as close to what an advertisement of a Big Mac would look like, but each team put their own spin on this and all ended up with totally different styles. The Big Macs straight out of the box were pretty sad looking, so it was quite a challenge to make them look like an appetizing burger using only ingredients you would find in the actual burger.

This challenge is one of my favorite projects because of the teamwork involved in the whole process, from deciding what their final image might look like, to disassembling and reassembling of the ingredients, to the placement of the burger in a composition, to the photography and editing. The students really get into this project and get to practice different product photography techniques in a fun but stressful environment because of it being a "challenge."

Below you will see final edited photos from Team 1, Team 2, and Team 3.  After these photos you will see photos taken throughout the process of the challenge!  Which burger photo do you like best?

We had 47 people cast their votes after the challenge was completed.  Results of the challenge are posted at the end after all of the photos!

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3

Process Photos:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place